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insan biasa sajor.! menulis sekadar memuntahkan apa ada di benak fikiran..penulisan yang sekadar cakar ayam..menaip bila ade mud sahaja..yg sudi bace,terima kasih yooo.!! aha..jangan bila ade post islamik dah judge aku ni baik or cube berlagak baik..ehh..ehh..nope!! hanya insan biasa sahaja,hati pun belum bersih..but im trying to be better shaa ALLAH..and dont expect perfection from me..BECAUSE IM A SINNER :')

Oct 14, 2011

what is globalization?

Globalization is a widely discussed topic and there are numerous definitions of the
subject in the burgeoning globalization literature :

~~to describe the profound economic and technological developments which enable, for example, Western clothing manufacturers to produce their clothes using cheap labour from China.

~~the politically charged issues of the great power of international corporations.

~~most closely associated with the term economic globalization: the integration of national economies into the international economy through trade, foreign direct investment, capital flows, migration, the spread of technology, and military presence.

Portuguese carrack in Nagasaki,
17th century Japanese Nanban art

~~ the transnational circulation of ideas, languages, or popular culture through acculturation.

Japanese McDonald's fast food as evidence of corporate globalization
and the integration of the same into different cultures.

~~usually recognized as being driven by a combination of economic, technological, sociocultural, political, and biological factors.

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