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insan biasa sajor.! menulis sekadar memuntahkan apa ada di benak fikiran..penulisan yang sekadar cakar ayam..menaip bila ade mud sahaja..yg sudi bace,terima kasih yooo.!! aha..jangan bila ade post islamik dah judge aku ni baik or cube berlagak baik..ehh..ehh..nope!! hanya insan biasa sahaja,hati pun belum bersih..but im trying to be better shaa ALLAH..and dont expect perfection from me..BECAUSE IM A SINNER :')

Oct 7, 2011


after get the info about my assignment from my lecturer,Dr.Hamzah Jusoh,what should we do,how to do,how to find books of globalization through,then i start searching the books.i try to find the story about globalization that interested me.Then,my first choice is :

Civilizing Globalisation: Human Rights and the Global Economy

by: David Kinley

why?first because i like the cover.nice.:).second because the story is quite interesting which is tell about the economic globalization and universal human rights both have the aspiration and power to improve and enrich individuals and communities.then my second choice is :

Globalization and Crime (Key Approaches to Criminology)

by: Katja Franko Aas

Globalization and Crime (Key Approaches to Criminology) #215123

i choose this book because its make me interested to know the related between the globalization and crime in a globalized world,what is the impact of globalization on crime and its control,in addition i choose because this book addresses a variety of highly topical issues that i want to know more. after reads the summary of the two books,i choose the second book because i think this book is better.

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