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insan biasa sajor.! menulis sekadar memuntahkan apa ada di benak fikiran..penulisan yang sekadar cakar ayam..menaip bila ade mud sahaja..yg sudi bace,terima kasih yooo.!! aha..jangan bila ade post islamik dah judge aku ni baik or cube berlagak baik..ehh..ehh..nope!! hanya insan biasa sahaja,hati pun belum bersih..but im trying to be better shaa ALLAH..and dont expect perfection from me..BECAUSE IM A SINNER :')

Oct 5, 2011

about me..

so,who am i?.let me introduce myself first.i am Norhayati binti Yusoff.22nd years old and still single.i was born at Endau,Johor and now i lived at Kuala Rompin,Pahang.there's nothing interesting about me,but i'm passionate about the things that interest family,my education,my friends and my life.i have a big and happy family,a tough and handsome father,a sweet and caring mother,and i have eight siblings.Then,i feel that i am the lucky one because i have a adopted family who are caring for me since i was a baby.!.:).now,i'm third years student at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia,ukm,in chemistry education.

How my friends think of me
How i think of me
And the real i think of me

**i am not too good in english,but i will always try to improve it.practise make perfect right?..:)

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