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insan biasa sajor.! menulis sekadar memuntahkan apa ada di benak fikiran..penulisan yang sekadar cakar ayam..menaip bila ade mud sahaja..yg sudi bace,terima kasih yooo.!! aha..jangan bila ade post islamik dah judge aku ni baik or cube berlagak baik..ehh..ehh..nope!! hanya insan biasa sahaja,hati pun belum bersih..but im trying to be better shaa ALLAH..and dont expect perfection from me..BECAUSE IM A SINNER :')

May 16, 2012

wayang minggu ini.

yeahaa..!! the newly released trailer from ''mere hero''.Johnny Depp.!-lompat-lompat bintang- i bagi rating 9 dari sepuluh.tip top.meletup.!..pasal nye aku memang adore gila mamat nih.nak-nak cerita pirates of the cerita fairytale yang comel-kacak-segak macam alice in wonderland and charlie and the chocolate factory yang aku suka tengok..ala-ala mimpi yang tidak dicapai dek tangan..gitu.!,story dia pasal PONTIANAK eh..haha..stars Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins,a 200-year-old vampire..  

The plot :

In 1760, Joshua and Naomi Collins sail from Liverpool and they set up a fishing port in Maine called Collinsport and also build Collinwood Manor. Their son Barnabas,grows up to be a wealthy playboy in the town. He breaks heart of a witch,who is also one of their servants,Angelique Bouchard, who later kills his parents and curses his family. He then studies dark magic to prove Angelique is in fact a witch,falling in love with Josette in the meantime. Angelique in an act of jealousy,puts a spell on Josette which forces her to leap to her death from a nearby cliff called Widow's Peak. Barnabas runs after Josette but he arrives too late. He jumps over the cliff to kill himself,but Angelique had already turned Barnabas into a vampire before hit the bottom on the cliff.

Then Barnabas is accidentally freed from his coffin. He makes his way back to Collinwood Manor.Barnabas decides to restore his family name..while Angelique discovers that he has escaped his shallow grave,she plots revenge and decides to try win him back//offering he either join and love her or she will destroy him and everthing he loves...

Dark Shadows Movie Review

Dark Shadows Depp and Green know more about this film, check it out and see what you think..!! hehehe..

## untunglah kalau semua vampire KACAK macam Edward Cullen  .!-muka gatal- >,<

the trailer ::

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